Vertically up with GRAMA BLEND

The solid GRAMA BLEND lightweight panels made of real natural stone give even heavily stressed areas or elevator entrances a distinctive and genuine character.

Especially for renovation or refits, or the visual enhancement of your existing elevator, Grama Blend always offers a great variety of options. The combinations of materials like stainless steel, brass or mirror with Grama Blend gives your elevator a timeless design.


Exclusive elevator interiors

The new lightness of stone

Genuine natural stone radiates an aura of authenticity and unchanging quality. It fascinates through its elegance, lustre, breathtaking colours, structures and grain patterns. It is cut with absolute precision to create lightweight stone panels bursting with outstanding material properties: The more forward-looking the building architecture, the more individual its lift installation.

GRAMA BLEND® breathes life into your ideas for interior equipment and external appearance created through the use of natural stone. Cabins, control panels and display elements offer scope for creative ideas. We manufacture the elements best suited for the specific application, tailor them to your precise dimensions, and prepare them ready for simple, fast assembly on-site.

What you can expect of PREMIUMLINE

  • exclusive materials
  • design flexibility
  • precious design
  • exclusive ambience
  • high load capacity


Strong Performance 

GRAMA BLEND® is suited like no other material for exceptionally tough areas of application in elevators and at lift entrances. The stone panels are prefabricated to the precise dimensions required and can be assembled on site extremely quickly using only simple tools.

An elegant new look for your lift: Increase the value of your property with a dazzling renovation using natural stone on its own or in combination with other materials, such as stainless steel, brass or mirror glass. GRAMA BLEND® blends elegance and high performance and gives your lift cabin a timeless design to preserve the value of your investment in the long-term.

GRAMA BLEND® lightweight stone panels can be used to clad floors, walls, ceilings, doors, control panels, portals and lift entrances – an experience every guest who travels in your lift will appreciate.

ECOLINE represents

  • profitability
  • high stressability
  • long durability
  • rapid availabiity


  • Lift cabin floors
  • Lift cabin walls
  • Backlit lift cabin ceilings
  • Lift cabin tableau ceilings
  • Portal panelling (exchangeable)


  • Ready-to-fit modules and connecting elements
  • Prefabricated to the precise dimensions required
  • Versatile fixing capabilities, adhesive technology and suspension systems
  • Fast, easy installation due to lightweight design and formats
  • Clean and easy for dry assembly techniques
  • Unbreakable thanks to the renowned GRAMA BLEND® quality
  • Short delivery times

Our valued customers include among others:

  • Kone
  • Otis
  • Schindler
  • Thyssen Krupp
  • Haushahn
  • Nunn
  • Osma
  • Tepper
  • Schmitt + Sohn
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Everlasting beauty

GRAMA BLEND® elevator floors

The floor of a high end elevator should convey an exclusive ambience and at the same time resist heavy loads and strains.

Due to its solid core mineral carrier embedded in aluminium sandwich, the stability of a GRAMA BLEND® ALC4 floor corresponds to the compression resistance of the employed stone. You can be sure to enjoy this prestigious stone lift floor for many years.